Broken (written by an anonymous reader)

                                                   Posted by Jermaine Green in Love
You ever felt so broken…. Looking in the mirror and you don’t know who you see?
I never knew how broken I was, while I was, until after the storm. It was like a tornado came through my life, tore my house(me) upside down, threw around all the loose pieces in my home, and then the storm just passed over. Now the sun is shinning, but my house or what’s left of it,  is still a wreck. I try to salvage what I can,  but there isn’t much. Everything is just BROKEN.
That was me after realizing I was in a toxic relationship that almost took my life away, both figuratively speaking, and literally. No I wasn’t beaten or abused, but I put myself through a mental hell, because I wouldn’t walk away and stay away. I may not have spoken on everything I saw but,  I saw everything .  This man wouldn’t leave me and I wouldn’t leave him. BROKEN
I was with someone who didn’t wanna give me all of them, but I was giving them all of me. Someone that could have me smiling with a text, and within an hour,  have me feeling so down because of something he might have said to me.  I was matching what he gave, but trying to do a little extra, hoping he would choose me, thinking I might as well just stick around because of the attention he showed me. I get attention everyday but, it was him who made me smile, and him who made me feel good. So I forsook all the right things that I was taught growing up; fornication , how if a man really wants you he would be with you, how love doesn’t hurt , or stress you out or cause depression. BROKEN
I was broken, thinking I wasn’t good enough, but on the outside nobody would know.  Knowing I’m beautiful, but that he didn’t want me, exclusively broke me down. BROKEN
The great I am
Saved me from this life; from myself.
Even if I wanted to continue this life of destruction, God had a hold on me. He snatched me up and told me “no more will I let my daughter live this life”
So now the joy of the lord is my strength! He healed me from depression. He saved me. I may not cross every T and dot every I, but hold strong onto the lord.
- anonymous
This is not my writing, I got it from I read this blog when I got saved last year and I could relate to everything that was wrote. I was at the lowest point of my life before giving my life to Christ, but my God is a healer! I pray that this blog will encourage many women who are currently going through this!

One of my favorite songs by Kari Jobe. Love came down and rescued me. God has healed my broken heart and restored me!