Wednesday, May 24, 2017

No Regrets

                                "No Regrets!"

My plans were to truly live for God when I was about 30. After I was done living my life, partying and was ready to settle down. I never wanted to play games with God or be a hypocrite. So I knew once I surrendered, I was all in. I’m thankful that in the Lord’s sovereignty He tore upon my plans and graciously saved me at 23. I always thought that being a Christian would be boring.  I thought I would be missing out on fun. Boy was I wrong! The joy, freedom, and peace I felt from my new life in Christ was un-explainable. I knew that I would never look back. 5 years later by the grace of God I’m still on this narrow path. I find comfort knowing that if God truly saves us, He’s faithful to keep us. No one can snatch us out of His hands. I can say there have been many times where I was hard-headed, but each time the Lord brought me back to Him. I’m miserable without Him. In these 5 years, I’ve seen God’s hand in my life. His protection, rebuke, discipline, comfort, and provision. He’s not just a historical figure or judge anymore, I can truly say He’s my Abba Father. 

“A life outside of Christ is both hard and frightening. A life in Christ has hard edges and dark valleys but it’s purposeful even when it’s painful." 

Instead of spending my time consumed with partying, chasing worldly success and being in meaningless relationships like I did in the past.  These past 5 years I've enjoyed serving the Lord, ministering, traveling and enjoying life.  I found that you can be young, livefor Christ, and enjoy your life!  finding contentment and satisfaction in Christ alone.

I can truly say I have no regrets. I don’t regret giving up this world to follow Jesus. I don't regret giving up friends. I don't regret and being looked at like a fool to serve the true and living God!

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