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What is High Heels And High Standards? It's a ministry founded by Brittany Jackson. We are a group of young women who all have a passion for Christ and evangelism. Christ has radically tranfromed our loves and we desire our generation to get back to biblical Christianity and upholding God's standards. We boldly proclaim the gospel and do not water down or compromise God's word. We focus on the gospel, repentance, holiness, purity, and evangelism. We are not about popularity and being known, we live to makes Jesus Christ known around the world. Our heart and desire is to see women from all cultures, races, ages, and background come to the true knowledge of Jesus Christ! 

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  1. sis blog on the youth is great thanks so much and iam reading more of the blogs you have as well

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  3. hi Brittany J. I just want to thank you for your inspiration and your passion towards others. Girls young and old need to hear your story because you never know what a person is going through and to just know your not alone it is truly a blessing from God.

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