Friday, October 4, 2013

Why are millennials leaving the church?

Statistics show that 70% of youth stop attending church when they graduate from high school, and only half of those come back. The older generation wants to know why the youth go off the college and most never come back? Why the 20's age group is dead? Why the kids who grew up in church live just like those who didn't grow up in church? Well I have think I have some answers!!!

1. The main reason why many millennials never come back is because they grew up in the church but they didn't grow up in Christ. Just because someone grew up in church doesn't mean that they have been born again! Church attendance doesn't mean that we're saved! Many youth go to church because their parents make them or just to socialize with their friends but they never knew Christ for themselves. Many youth have never been converted and are self deceived due to a false proclamation of faith that they made when they were younger. Their youth Pastor and parents have also convinced them that they are saved because of some act they performed. They don't understand the true gospel because they've never been taught it. They may have got baptized, raised their hand and repeated a prayer but there was never any work of regeneration, true repentance and faith. Also, we think that the youth in church are saved because their parents are saved, but God has no grandchildren! Our faith cannot save anyone else, each person must live for Christ and carry their own cross.

2. The gospel isn't being preached to the youth. Many youth pastors seem to think that since they are young, they have to entertain the youth to keep their attention. WRONG! If the church plans to get the youth, it can't be with entertainment. The world is WAY more entertaining than the church, they need the gospel! Many are hearing an unbalanced message of love,grace,and mercy but no talk of wrath,judgement,holiness,or hell. We don't need any sugarcoating or watering down, but the pure unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ. Many youth were at the club, or engaging in sinful activities Saturday night  but come to church the next morning feeling good. They are coming to church week after week not hearing the gospel, so they're not being convicted and see no need to change and draw unto repentance. Many youth in church have no biblical foundation or knowledge, they just know a few scriptures and the main bible stories. 

3. Many youth who grew up in church have seen hypocrites around them all of their life, and they don't want no part in it. Our generation is REAL, we're either in or out and we don't have time to play church. Many youth see their parents or people in church acting one way in church but acting totally different outside of church. Many have been turned off from church and Christianity because of the false misrepresentation and hypocrisy that they have seen round them.

4. We don't talk about REAL stuff in most churches. We act as if sex, porn, masturbation, abortion,homosexuality,and drugs is taboo when most of the youth are engaging in these activities. If they haven't been tempted with it yet, they will soon be tempted as the enter college. We tell them that these things are wrong but we don't tell them why. As the church we are not called to be POLITICALLY correct but BIBLICALLY correct. We no longer promote purity before marriage in most churches either, and we aren't transparent with our lives before Christ. Satan is bold and going HARD pushing his agenda on our youth when the church is being SILENT on these issues. As long as we continue to sweep these issues under the rug and don't address them, satan will continue to take our youth out.


5.  Many in our youth are living double lives, and they just get tired of pretending. In their life at church, they know the right behaviors and speak "Christianese" to pass as good kids. In their other life they follow worldly pursuits and live a life of sin in secret, away from parents and church leaders. Many pretend to be "good" on Facebook because they know that most adults from church are friends with them on there, but on their other social networks accounts they are freely able to be themselves. But, they come to a certain point where they get tired of pretending!  

6. The world is more enticing. Many of our youth have not been equipped for the real world. We send them off to college unarmed, and they are not prepared for what's to come. In college temptation and sin is rampant and they fall in love with the things of the world. They are no longer under their parent's supervision and they are able to do the sinful things that their heart desire without having to answer to anyone. 

7. Many churches in America are raising up successful, educated kids with no godliness. They esteem success in the world's eyes over Godly success.So the parents and people in church are satisfied as long as their kids are in college, making good grades, have a good career and visit church sporadically. Many of the youth who grew up in church are "successful" in the world's eyes but not in God's eyes. They have the degrees and career but they are still in the world and aren't living for God. Many are praised in the church for their accomplishments, so they think that they are in right standing. We have traded in teaching repentance, holiness, purity, and modesty for teaching success.Our job in the church isn't to preach success and be motivational speakers, we are to equip our youth to be men and women of God, to go in this world and preach the gospel ,bear fruit, and impact the Kingdom of God,

8.Parents in the church are not teaching their children at home about Christ. It's not a lifestyle, they don't see mommy and daddy living the Christian life apart from Sundays. Church is only one day out of the week, we should be teaching our kids about Christ daily. Sadly, many parents are more concerned with worldly pursuits and their children extra curricular activities than they are about them learning about the things of God. They're not  learning to be someone's future husband/wife, how to pray, the fruits of the spirit.etc If parents have raised their children to be great doctors, businessman,athletes, and musicians but haven't trained them to honor and obey God, they have failed. 

The reason why I wrote this blog because this was me! I grew up in church, repeated the prayer, but my heart was far from God and I went off to college and did what my sinful heart craved. I never knew Christ for myself, I was a false convert who grew up in church! This is so many youth that I've seen and grew up in church with. We can't think that they will be okay and come back in their 30's. Many will never come back, and the ones who do will come back to church but they may never truly come to Christ. By the grace of God, He saved me!( Read my testimony Carnal means, worldly antics, and entertainment will never save the youth. If we want to get this generation we are going to have to preach the full blast of the gospel to penetrate the hardness of their heart. We have to get back to the basics of biblical Christianity. There is still hope. We have to stop trying to raise "good successful kids" and raise Godly Kids.We need to stop being pleased with attendance at youth group and fun retreats.We can't be satisfied that they're just coming to church when they're not burning for God and living double lives.  We need to start getting on our knees and praying that the Holy Spirit will do miraculous saving work in the hearts of our young adults as the Word of God speaks to them. In short, we need to get back to a focus on TRUE conversion, of what it means to be TRULY regenerated. We need to preach, teach, and talk—all the while praying fervently for the miraculous work of regeneration to occur in the hearts and souls of our students by the power of the Holy Spirit! 

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  2. May God continue to inspire you with the Holy Spirit. This is a reality check for me, and truly changed my outlook of life and how important my relationship with Christ is.


  4. Excellent. Especially #4 - That is the truth. Churches no longer talk about these issues. John (52-Virgin).

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  6. Thank you for this unfiltered truth much needed for this generation. God bless you!

  7. I do agree with you Brittany.. I'm also a product on what you had encounter, grew up in a Christian community and still the congregation has its world's desires.