Friday, February 7, 2014

Godly vs Worldly men

If you are a woman who loves the Lord and desire to glorify Him in marriage, it's important that you know what to look for in a godly man. We must be reminded that just because someone is a Pastor, Minister, or faithful church goer doesn't make them a man of God. Being in the church doesn't save, being in Christ saves. Only when we have experienced the radical new birth are we able to by the power of the Holy Spirit live a godly life. The only difference between a godly man and worldly man is Christ. These are some traits to prayerfully look for as you look for a godly man. Most of all, we must look to God's word and get wise counsel. This blog isn't to say that all worldly men are this way, and all godly men are this way. This is just a blog written from my perspective!

His approach

A worldly guy's intentions are oftentimes very unclear. He may say all of the right things  but his actions differ. Depending on their age, many worldly men aren't interested in pursuing a monogamous relationship that leads to marriage. From the first few conversations you should be able to tell what they're about. If the ask you to come over and chill or bring up sex then this is a clear indicator of where he is. There may be men who are in the church but his conversations won't reflect that. 

A man of God who is seriously looking for a wife should be very intentional, selective and prayerful in his pursuit. Godly men tend to watch how a woman serves, interacts with others, and how she deals with situations before approaching her.  They may even watch your social media.  A man of God knows that it takes more than good looks to make a good wife. He is looking for a help meet to fulfill God's purpose with. When he does approach a woman, he is very respectable and intentional in his pursuit. A godly man has no time to play games, he is on a mission and makes his intentions known upfront.

Courting and Dating

A worldly guy would have no problem trying to sleep with you before marriage. He wants little if any accountability. Forget about him agreeing to meet your Pastor or even your parents before he takes you out. He is afraid of commitment and meeting those people will scare him off. He doesn't want everyone's opinion and wants everyone in his "business." Marriage is not the goal, he just wants to date with the selfish goals of having fun and enjoying romantic attachments.
During courtship, the man after God's heart works at keeping you both pure because he honors you and God. He will be invested in getting you to grow in the Lord and will initiate prayer and lead bible study. He seeks the accountability and wisdom of their parents, other mentors, and Christians. He wants to truly get to know each other in a more platonic setting without the pressures of physical intimacy or emotions clouding their view. His goal is to seek to determine if it is God’s will for him to marry you.


Many worldly men want to avoid marriage as long as possible. Oftentimes, they only get married after being pressured to after shacking up after being with their girlfriend for many years. Most worldly men are in no rush to marry because they can have casual sex without marriage. By living with a girlfriend, they can enjoy all the benefits of a wife without having to say, "I do." This is a no-risk way to "test drive" marriage. They want to enjoy the single life as long as possible, especially as they become accustomed to having their own space and routines and not being responsible to anyone else. Their greatest fear is that marriage will require too many changes, compromises and responsibilities.

Godly men know that he who finds a wife, finds a good thing.(Proverbs 18:22) Godly men know the purpose of marriage. They are not afraid of commitment because they are committed to God. They are faithful to God, so they can be faithful to their wife.  If a man can honor the Lord with his body and practice self-control in singleness, you can trust him to honor his covenant and have self-control in marriage.


Worldly men are most times cocky and arrogant. They boast about their cars, money, accolades and temporal things that have no eternal value. Worldly men have no fear of God, if it's convenient he has no problem cheating. They can cheat on you and do whatever because it's all about them and their happiness. If someone better comes along, they would have no problem dropping you. Even though they may know a few scriptures they do not obey God's word, they do what is right in their own eyes. They are led by their flesh and temporal pleasures.Their love is shallow because how can they truly love you if they don't know the author of love, God. That's why you hear many of them say "they fell out of love" when the attraction and feelings wear off. He will tell you what you want to hear and lead you on to get what he wants. Most worldly men will not wait for sex until marriage because "he's a man he has needs!" Many worldly men may be very active in church but they have no passion for Christ, no depth in Christ, and his conversations are very shallow. A worldly guy has no depth in the word and he gets bored when you talk about the Lord. He will use excuses to justify his mistakes and he is stubborn in his ways and un-correctable. He will cause you relationship with Christ to dwindle.

Godly men are confident not cocky. They know who they are in Christ. They are not moved by what other men are doing. A man after God's heart fears the Lord and he's committed to you no matter what. He knows that God called him to love you as Christ loved His church and he will one day have to stand before Him and give an account. A man of God also has conviction from the Holy Spirit.  If he does step out of line (which Godly men do they aren't perfect) God will discipline Him and bring him unto repentance. Godly men will not tell you what you want to hear. They will try their best to protect your heart and not mislead you. Godly men are led by God and obey what the word of God says. He will not use excuses to justify his sinful ways, He will look to God for guidance. A man after God's heart is humble,teachable,passionate about God and actively studies the word. Or should be actively growing in these areas!


 Worldly men are attracted to carnal things. They are attracted to your physical appearance, body, your lack of morals(so you can have sex with him), personality, education, and your body.Worldly men wants a woman who is in church like he is(that doesn't mean she's saved) but they can care less about how you are spiritually because he's not spiritual himself. Eternity is nowhere on his mind, only the temporal.Yeah your looks may be fascinating for the first few weeks, maybe even months but after that it gets really old. The attraction is all vain and based on carnal, superficial aspects.

  Now I'm not going to say that Godly men don't care about looks and body because they do. Men are very visual, but he cares more about your spiritual then physical. A Godly man knows that Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised. (Proverbs 31:30) Godly men are attracted to a woman's love for Christ, biblical way of dealing with development and growth, chastity and purity, your humble and submission, your devotion to the lord, your modesty, meekness, biblical womanhood and femininity, and self control. Her spirituality is preeminent because He knows that you won't look the same way in 30 years. He also knows that this will be the mother of his kids, and it's important that she has certain attributes to raise Godly kids.

The difference between a worldly man and a Godly man is that the worldly man desires to please himself more than anyone else. The Godly man desires to please God more than anyone else. The Godly man has given up his own desires and submitted himself to the will of God. He is more concerned with bringing glory to God through your relationship. It's not about perfection, it's about direction. Godly men are not perfect, but their heart is set on pleasing God.They are all a work in progress and have to grow & mature as we all do. We have to stop acting as if there is no difference between Godly men vs worldly men because there is. I love all the Godly men, I thank you all for showing me that all men are not the same. I thank you all for leading your families and loving your wives. Please feel  to write comments and let me know what you all think. Read Part 2 of Godly vs Worldly women

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  1. I agree with all of this! I am not even attracted to worldly men anymore.

    1. This was on point and it speaks so much truth. Before and Christian ever wants to get into a relationship, they need to seek god first and what he wants for us. We as christians needs to focus on being single for a while so we can focus on god and try to develop his character. God has mates for all of us we just need to wait patiently and let him find our mates for us.

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  2. even though she used her opinion she wasn't generalizing it for all wordly men and all godly men she used the key words most.. because she knows they are not all the same duh!

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  4. Thanks Brittany :-) i am forced to agree with you on all points! talking of me, I am not very attracted to the 'physically attractive' worldly women anymore. It is a woman's love for Christ that I find most attractive. I am sure same is the case with all other 'eternity oriented' men. (Y) keep writing

  5. This suck, I just found out that I'm a worldly man :-(

    I'm young, financially stable, career oriented, selfish, can never be faithful because I use love as energy to write music

    I gave up on Godly women because I could never find her.

    Ahhhh it's depressing just learning that I'm on the side of the fence.

  6. u just keep inspiring me day after day

  7. Wow....thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you to open my eyes. Cant wait to read the one on women.

  8. this was awsome :)

  9. Keep letting the spirit lead you. I love reading your blogs it is so truthful and inspiring.

  10. Thank you so much! what i like about you compared to others is that you stick Strictly what the word says and elaborate on it. I felt the Holy Spirit's presence when i read this! God Bless you! And continue your ministry!

  11. I have to say this opened my eyes to what i kept thinking all these days. To share my story not too long I have been in different relationships. Mostly worldly men stating they were christian. The things I seen and went through changed my whole vision on how a man should be before considering a marriage. The same applies to us women. All I heard was about how they were not being satisfied in their fantasies and pleasures of this world. At times i felt disgusted about these men. I know not all are the same but i am referring to the ones i have met. Please ladies open your eyes they sleep around and they will never be honest. If they did it to their wives,ex girlfriends they will eventually do it to you as well. The fact is if we do not fear god then we do not fear any sin that we commit as humans. Now, I am waiting dedicating my time to the lord nothing is more pure and more precious then the lords presence and his holy spirit guiding us throughout our lives. God bless everyone and have faith do the things right and obey his word all else will fall in place.

  12. After reading this my suspicions have been proven. That the way I am now/the state I'm in, I do not deserve a Godly man...if he looked my way right now, I would be nothing more than a stumbling block for him.

    I am not a Godly woman, but I'm doing a very grand job of playing one. Well I'm tired of this facade. I want to be a real Godly woman.

  13. Glory be to God! What a refreshing post to read. Reminded about what I really want rather than what I got use to once I went my own direction. God is good and greaty to be praised. Thank you for your obedience in posting this.

  14. He said he was a godly man. I never saw him read the word and always had something to say about my body. He acted out to be Godly about all and made me feel like I was not attractive. Need input

  15. Brittany i can clearly see that you haven't beem saved very long dear Because although you said you are not knocking Worldly Men...truly you are i am and will always be A Woman of the Most high God and when i say Jesus i mean Jesus for real. But i have been saved over 7yrs now and...Wow how my perspective changed in time i see that the Men of God arent that different than Men of the Word they just have learned to Mask very well by keeping it Picture perfect and having a excuse and or answer for every situation or circumstances in their life like why are so.many Women/Men of God single? Let YOU tell it brittany the Women isnt right that's why the men of God not attracted to her could it be that they(Men of God) arent attracted to Women at all?? Or maybe he like both(Men/Women) sohe ddoesn't make a choice or could it be he operating in a Whore mongering spirit? One thing about the Worldly what you see is what you get if they want sex they wont hide it the so called Prim an Proper high standards Men of God with all the integrity just wait for late night to creep an sneak a dibble and dabble with whom or what they like then by mornin they clean themselves off and get back into character of proper perfection masking to fool the folks who refuse to see or the unknowing or babe in Christ or the folks that lack discernment. But i beg to differ Lately Worldly men are winning hands down statistics show that the marriage percentage has went up tremendously for the Wordly an divorce rate and adultery has sky rocketed for these Amazing Glorified So called Men of God so you tell me whats wrong? Dont get so caught up in the heavenly things here on earth that you overlook that we are dealing with humans full of flaws and getting so deep can often make you spiritually blind and yet no earthly good!!! Love the blog Brittany keep up the good work. God Bless you and Keep you.

    1. Apparently you've dealt with worldly men who professed to be Christians. Don't put them all in one category because of your bad experiences!

  16. you just have to know the difference between and REAL Godly man a FAKE one, so many guys now know how to pretend and play church they just seeing how many girls they can get and they are not truly a godly man, women just seek GOD and be careful and don't get caught up in a man just because he SAY he is godly watch his life style and most important seek GOD,

  17. Thank you sister :) This is a must read for all Christian single women out there.

  18. when I say baby you hit this blog on the head you are so talented and smart you just confirmed the things I have notice since I have been saved by the lord I see the big difference everything you said is dead on the head I couldn't understand this kind of selfishness until god came in I know there are good men that's still seeking for god but there are some who is not worried about seeking him in heart.... thank you sister in Christ amen,,

  19. Continue to let God use you. I pray that everything you touch will turn into gold and every book you publish shall rise above all. Life and death lies in the power of the tongue and you are definitley speaking life. Bless you

  20. True. You speak the truth. Truth is bitter so you shouldn't expect everyone to accept it. What shall it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul? (Mark 8:36). Food for thought I guess!

  21. A man of God is not interested in you or your body, he is only interested in pleasing God, he is interested in the "truth". A true man of God is not interested in marrying you, in having sex with you or in pleasing you. Only a worldly man will do these things for you, and there are many different types of worldly men.

  22. Excellent perspective, Brittany!!! That is exactly correct!!!

  23. You really hit some key points. Throughout my years on this earth. Ive seen alot. And been through alot hurt and pain But now I've learned to wait on God. While Iam serving him. Seeking His Kingdom and Righteousness.

  24. You really hit some key points. Throughout my years on this earth. Ive seen alot. And been through alot hurt and pain But now I've learned to wait on God. While Iam serving him. Seeking His Kingdom and Righteousness.

  25. Be careful. Not all men in the church are what they claim. I've seen some so called Godly men who play both sides of the fence. Some are very narcissistic. Some are closeted gay. So don't assume he's perfect just braise he shows up for church every Sunday.

    1. I wrote this in the first paragraph. "We have to remember that just because someone is a Pastor, Minister, faithful church goer, or calls themselves a Christian DOES NOT make them a man of God!! You will know them by their fruit, not by their church attendance and what comes out of their mouth."

  26. I love this post. I stumbled across your blog after a long time of being with worldly men, finding myself, working my best on becoming a woman of God and realizing my relationship goal is to be with a man that puts God first. The difference between Godly men and Worldly men is so obvious (once you realize there IS a difference!) Thanks again!

  27. Girl, you are so spot on! This post is so true and this motivates me to stay the course and focus on the godly men and not get so caught up in attracting worldly men. I love this article, it's so thorough and true! I truly admire godly men...

  28. I have been a Christian for about twenty years met a man who said he was Catholic, but asked me to compromise my morals. Told me know relationship if it is not physical. What do you think.

  29. Godly men are becoming extinct. There are probably less than 1% out there. I met one in my life time that was truly a man of God! ONE.... I chose to just remain single. Its easier. 1 Corinthians chap. 7 says singleness is better than marriage. Marriage is distracting. You can be devoted to the Lord without distractions while single. Yet the church teaches other wise and idolizes it. Its best to keep God first He is number one. There is no relationship greater than your relationship with God. Besides, marriage ends in heaven.As a believer, your relationship with the Lord will never end.

    1. Regardless of what we see God has a remnant. He has men and women who are committed to him. God bless you for wanting to remain single but don't knock sisters who desire marriage to the glory of God. Whether we stay single or married may we all do it to the glory of God and honor Him!

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  31. Thanks again for allowing God to speak through you. Yes I am human but I do look for the Godly woman. I've prayed so long for my wife to understand. I can't change her, only God can work that out. God truly is to

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